Friday, February 21, 2020

Shooting in Valley Springs

  According to Greg Stark, lackey of DiBasilio's at the Calaveras Sheriff (promised to be next in line if he shut up in the last election) on February 18, 2020 around
4:30 PM deputies responded to the Mobil Gas Station in Valley Springs.

   A call came in to dispatch that a gunshot and a physical fight had taken place, but the parties left before deputies arrived at the location.

  The victim was identified as Dominic Allen (31) of Valley Springs, who was suffering from an alleged gunshot wound to an upper extremity. He was flown to a Modesto hospital for treatment.

   Deputies apparently learned that he and Cevin Ford (27) of Victorville, had been involved in a physical altercation at the gas station during an arranged child custody exchange between Dominic and the mother of his children.

   According to Stark, (who only sits and writes at his computer when he should be a deputy in the field), during the fight the victim's father, Darrell Allen (62) of Valley Springs attempted to break up the altercation while holding a firearm.

  As Allen was attempting to separate the two a shot was fired from the firearm injuring Dominic's arm.

   Ford, the children and their mother left to a residence in Stanislaus County. The children were uninjured during the incident. Ford was treated for injuries consistent with a physical fight, the status which is unknown.

   The incident is still under investigation and charges are pending at this time, per Stark.



Anonymous said...

Now you’re catching on with how’s are done in that office-he is making him his press guy to get his name out there for recognition. Problem is Stark has a tainted history

Anonymous said...

I remember he refused to handle a threat from some gun dealer because he was friends. tried to blame the woman he threatened. bad news!!!