Thursday, February 13, 2020

New impeachment hearings???

  UPDATE:  Ordinarily we wouldn't publish comments like the one about Biden from some racist Trumper, but we feel the public needs to know and understand how
VILE and Violent these people really area. VOTE them out!!!
 Seems that every day Trump does something else to earn himself an impeachment. His disrespect
for the law and our Justice Department are shocking.

   Will the House begin new hearings, or is Trump right, that they will give up and let him do whatever he wants.  We know the Republicans (except for Romney) will.


Anonymous said...

With McConnell and "the senators" condoning anything he does it's almost useless to discipline him.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, Joe Biden's filmed quid pro quo for his son's benefit means nothing to DEMOCRAPS. If President Trump sneezes, it's impeachment time.
Yet, look at all human debris in the democrat controlled cities and states!
Is it time for another civil war? The democrats are pushing for it!
Look at Sander's, if he wasn't in his position, he probably wouldn't have the health care benefits, Americans provide for him as part of the perks.