Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Open Letter to Brynne Kennedy: from Robert Lawson

   Dear Brynne,

    It was 65 degrees in Antartica yesterday!  ANTARTICA!

    In fact, yesterday it was 30 degrees hotter in Antartica than in Richmond,
Massachusetts.  Why Richmond, Mass?  Because that's where you're from.

   Exactly one year ago, an article was published in your local paper wherein you discussed your plans to 'focus on creating jobs, expanding innovation and ensuring equal opportunity for Western Mass. residents'.

    Yet, a year later you moved here, to California's 4th District, to run for office as our U.S. Representative to Congress.  (As you know, I am also on the ballot to defeat McClintock)

  I believe the stakes are way too high to screw this up, and the worst possible outcome would be for McClintock to get re-elected.

  So, I have an idea on how together we can make sure that doesn't happen.

   Frankly I'm troubled by your approach to Climate Change. You appear to have no position on the environment at all, according to your website, and recently said "I oppose the Green New Deal!"

   So here's my offer!  If you'll agree that if elected you will support the Green New Deal, I'll immediately withdraw my candidacy, stop campaigning and endorse you.

  I'll even campaign for you if you'd like, because again, the stakes are way too high.

   But one more thing:  If you lose, you must agree to live in our district for 2 more years (which shouldn't be a problem if you moved here in good faith, rather than strictly as a political maneuver)

   Frankly Brynne, given your history of making promises and then skipping town, I suspect if you lose to McClintock, you'll be on the first plane out of here, and we'll never see you again.

   Let me know what you decide!

   Robert Lawson,
   Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 4


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