Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sanders wins Nevada......why????

   People are speculating as to why Bernie Sanders is so popular with the young people
in America.

   Is it possible that the voters like people to promise them all kinds of free stuff that Congress  is not likely to ever pass.

   Well, it works for Trump. He lies all the time and his racist base believes everything he says, so why not some Dems too.



Anonymous said...

Bernie is not only popular with young folks. His popularity crosses gender, racial and cultural lines. I'm an old person and Bernie looks to be the next FDR to me...and I like that.

Anonymous said...

Strictly because he is promising them FREE medicare for all!! They are too ignorant to see that just because you have perhaps free premiums/healthcare does not mean EVERYTHING is going to covered at no cost to them. No country has that kind of money. People pay high taxes in the UK to get "free" healthcare and even then it takes months on end to get seen by anyone and that doesn't guarantee you can have ANY procedure you want - free! Nothing is FREE!! And what about those of us who have paid into Medicare for decades - and now youngsters come along and get it free?? Then our coverage that we have earned would probably would end up nil.

Anonymous said...

That seems to be the Democrat/Socialist campaign promise to everyone. Nothing like raising the taxes on the middle class to pay for everything. Kind of like the tax payers of this state paying for illegal immigrants healthcare.