Friday, March 6, 2020

Folendorf leads in District 4

   Amanda Folendorf is leading Dennis Mills in the Calaveras District 4 Supervisor race with 51.60% to Mills' 48.40%

   Folendorf has 1627 votes to Mills' 1526 votes.  More ballots are yet to be reported, possibly today.


Anonymous said...

She is currently ahead with 335 votes. Start packing southside denny. No free healthcare for you. Couldnt happen to nicer guy

Anonymous said...

See you later deficit denny and take your feral cats with you yes all 19. I guess the plan and implimentation of vandalizing Amandas signs didnt work out for you and cox did it

Anonymous said...

Wonder how it will feel for deficit denny to sit in board chamber for months with everyone knowing you lost to a younger smarter candidate who is going places after her two terms. You wont be going anywhere accept maybe a 2021 cencus part time worker! No free healthcare for you southside denny