Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Calaveras District Attorney Yook accuses Supervisors of "Laying people off!"

   Due to the Calaveras District Attorney Barbara Yook, who has been harshly criticized
for her inability to protect women from her racist friends, went before the Supervisors for budget hearings today.

   Supervisor Garamendi became upset and told her that her accusation of them laying people off is NOT TRUE.

   Due to state budget cuts all departments have had their budgets cut and how she handles those cuts is up to her.  We have seen her less that truthful statements in the past.

   She has made other claims, and in fact has fought against CANNABIS and is against women's rights, in our opinion.  Should be replaced.

   Her husband Alan Serpa, works for the Sheriff and therefore she has admitted having a serious CONFLICT of INTEREST in handling her cases.  BAD NEWS!!

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