Saturday, June 6, 2020

Dear Editor: Angels Camp anti-1st amendment??

   Dear Editor:

   I'm writing anonymously because I, too, fear the Trump cult and gun nuts!  What was Angels
Camp thinking?

   Instead of backing up the demonstrators, who were led by local Bret Harte kids, they set out to punish them and set them up as looters and criminals.

  When the right-wing and gun kooks made threats, as they often do, the cops should have said "We'll protect the demonstrators from these violent creeps!"

   Instead, they showed they were on the side of the real violent criminals and would punish the 1st amendment people.

   Angels Camp is a disgusting place, with even more racists than other parts of Calaveras, so the city council and police must be too. 

   Thanks for listening,
   Anonymous in Vallecito

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone get hurt? Sounds like your a bit of a bigot yourself. Go re read what you wrote. Typical progressive agenda you are. If you scream help sometime I sure hope those folks don't come to help you. But ya know what ironic, they'll be there regardless of your opinion, because that's the type of folk they are.