Friday, June 5, 2020

Mother bear with two tiny cubs hit on Hwy 4

Highways are dangerous for mothers and their cubs
   June 5, 2020 at 1:45 PM:  We just witnessed a mother bear with two tiny cubs attempting
to cross Hwy 4 between Avery and Arnold, struck by a car going too fast without warning whistles.

  She fell down and then ran off the side of the roadway, her cubs panicking and running back to the
other side.

   By that time cars were stopped in both directions and the cubs again ran after their mother, who will likely suffer and die.

   The cubs will then starve or be killed by a predator, they are so tiny.  All because of too much speed and failure to install warning whistles on the front bumper.

  Give the forest animals a chance to survive!  SLOW DOWN!! Install warning whistles!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I had warning whistles years ago, they don't work.

Anonymous said...

Mine work very well. you must have them installed incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

Many studies and surveys at auto body shops show they dont work. Sorry about the animals but speed is what kills and whistles don't help.