Tuesday, December 8, 2020

County sues for EMINENT DOMAIN against Tiscornias

   At todays Calaveras Supervisors meeting (12-8-20) every member voted in favor of a resolution to

take the Tiscornia's to court.

   The suit is for EMINENT DOMAIN over the land needed for the Wagon Trail Hwy 4 project between Coppeopolis and Angels Camp.

   According to Josh Pack of Public Works, the Tiscornias would not make any agreement with the county or state to sell the right of way needed.


Anonymous said...

Now you who to blame if someone you know was killed or maimed in that dangerous stretch.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Very trying experience for the BOS, they each spoke to how troubled they were to make this very necessary decision. However, many lives are at stake in this decision - the accident rate due to the unexpected sharp cornering at speed on Hwy 4 in this area must be addressed. One land owner out of many chooses to be stubborn and unwilling to come to the table and discuss solutions, therefore, the county has no choice but to acquire his property in court and at a very fair market-value. Its about saving lives, not talking land!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I would be super protective if it was my land.

Anonymous said...

They already have a highway going thru their property its just going to be straighter and safer. It might be wider but they get paid for it. Eminent domain for safety and progress.

The Trail Gypsy said...

Why is it someone else is always supposed to be responsible for something or someone elses problems? It is not the T family's fault if someone crashes. Its the person behind the wheel. Just like its not my responsibility you got sick, or you lost your job. Quit blaming others to get your way. You better read and understand eminent domain laws. I hope the county of Calaveras looses this. This whole hwy re alignment is a joke. Slow down when you drive. Making it straighter is o ly goi g to speed traffick up and cause more passing problems. That what mostof 5he wrecks down there are from, speeding and passing.