Sunday, December 27, 2020

Truck over bridge railing on Hwy 12

    On December 26, 2020 around 6:40 PM a large pickup ran off Hwy 12 near the Ham Ranch and over

the guard railing on the bridge just outside San Andreas. Six CHP units were dispatched to the scene.
   One way traffic control was put into effect for several hours.

   The driver apparently fled on foot before authorities arrived at the scene. They discovered the pickup had been taken from the CVS lot in Valley Springs.

   The truck was left overnight after the investigation was completed around 11 PM, to be towed in the morning. A fence was also damaged in the incident. It isn't known if the driver had injuries.

    Mark Twain Hospital said they would advise officers if anyone came in with injuries.  Caltrans was notified of damage.

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