Friday, March 26, 2021

Where does the County of Calaveras find these wierdos??? Another CAO 'bites the dust'

    Would you like to know who recommended the Calaveras Supervisors hire Al Alt as their CAO

not long before he got into a bar fight over a woman at The Range bar in Valley Springs. We would!

   And why, after this incident, did they keep him employed?  At the first court hearing with Ken Foley representing Robataille, it was made public that Alt had had quite a bit to drink prior to being thrown out of the La Contenta Golf  Club for handling women inappropriately.

   He only resigned after he learned the Board was finally going to fire him.  Callaway denied even having seen the record of the hearing.

   This should make Ken Foley and Mr. Robataille richer, if we know Mr. Foley. This happens over and over again at the county.  Remember Stephanie Moreno, a friend and recommendation by then Chairman of the Board Steve Wilensky?

   She was then alleged to get into another scandalous affair with Bill Claudino, who became Chair of the Board.  She was paid off around $90,000 for her silence when she quickly resigned, we were told.

   Alt apparently had been accused of sexual misconduct prior to his employ here, and was reported to have plead guilty to insurance fraud. Did he get a bonus for being fired?



Anonymous said...

What about the Ray Waller lawsuit. Didn't that moreno woman fire him for Wilensky because he stopped some building? Waller got lots of money for that one.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I believe Waller got way more than 100 grand. And didn't Tofanelli vote to hire Alt too? He bluffed his way in by boasting and they fell for it.