Monday, May 10, 2021

OP-ED!!! Trespassers--Vandalism--Theft--Trees

    We just heard about a woman who had a giant old growth cedar on her property and that a

nearby resident cut it down.

   The Calaveras District Attorney documents we received showed that Michael Preston, who admitted conspiring (according to him in the DA's report) with Karen Strohmeyer, to cut down trees on our land.  It came out in court that Ms. Strohmeyer told her neighbor she truly LOVED Preston.   

   We witnessed Preston with Patrick Strohmeyer at the time of the cutting. Strohmeyer is known as the 'dirty CHP' who was fired in Stockton after a fellow officer turned him in for allegedly beating up a young Hispanic male in the back of his patrol car while he was in handcuffs.

   It was also made public (it was in many newspapers) that Strohmeyer apparently filed a FALSE report on the incident and was later arrested for assault.

   Preston told the DA (accoring to their report) that he was cutting down our trees to "make us MAD"!  The Calaveras Sheriff does NOTHING to these people, since they are the RACISTS who support them in elections. 

   These kinds of people 'hang out' and encourage each other in their crimes, it appears.  These kind of people are SCUM, WHITE TRASH, in our opinion!!

   The woman who lost her old growth tree purchased lights and is setting up a camera system to try and protect her other trees.  

   How mentally unstable do you have to be to even consider trespassing and vandalizing, including stealing, from your neighbors.

   For us, it is because the Sierra Sentinel writes the truth about the Racists and GUN FREAKS who permeate Ebbetts Pass.

   We understand they really want to move to a red state, but have NO MONEY due to their past behavior.   

   BEWARE of them!!!  Try living next door to this SCUM!!  If you have seen Preston lately, you know it's true!!

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