Monday, February 21, 2022

Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    Editor:  I have been a faithful follower of  the Sentinel since when you printed it, even

before you went online and I appreciated its content.

   While I read about bad neighbors here, I never realized how bad it truly was.  Now I know.

   I've never liked my neighbors, but in the past few years, they have become Trumpers and now I can see they are scummy racists.

  As you have often warned, these people are dangerous and commit many crimes against all of us who believe in Democracy.

  These people have even said they approve of the insurrection of Jan 6.  Hard to believe.

   I want to thank you for all your warnings.  When and how will this insanity end?

   Please print this but leave out my ID.  

   Anonymous in Murphys  


Anonymous said...

When and how will this insanity end??? It ends when you wake-up to reality and understand that American Patriots are NOT going to sit-by while this great country is being decimated by folks that hate America!!! Someday you will Thank the Lord for Trumpers as you call them, that saved the American dream so you and future generations can live free. Attitude is critical to living a good life, you have a flat-tire and your going nowhere until you fix that flat. . .

Anonymous said...

American Patriots???? You want it to go back to discrimination and keep hate in your stomach, like all Trumpers!!!