Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Marriage licenses in Calaveras County

    In January of 2022 marriage licenses were issued to:

    Charles Thomas Pope and Lisa Lee Womack on January 3,

    Daryle Richard Yount and Susan Lee Morgan on January 6,

   Angela Alicia Allard and Christopher Michael Richards on January 10,

   Theodore Roosevelt Wood, IV and Morgan Lee Oberle on January 10,

   Crystal Rose McGee and Kenddrick Thomas Maillot on January 14,

   Gabriel Scott Aguilar Anderson and Julisbel Gutierrez Mendez De Los Angeles on January 21,

   Garrett Logan Davlantis and Jamie Nicole Souza on January 24,

   Damien Michael Meidinger and Stephanie Alithu Granados Orihuela on January 26,

   Basilio Garza Garcia and Maylene Joy Kisch on January 27,

   Ricky Vernon Thornton and Danielle Anne Greco on January 27,

   Elizabeth Marie Bratcher and Christopher Tobias Boone on January 28 and

   Monica Ann Holtz and Anthony Edward Sanchez III on January 28.


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