Friday, January 8, 2016

Alleged "Porch Pirates" caught!!

These two were arrested in
Roseville for alleged
"porch piracy"!
     The term "Porch Pirate" has been coined recently by law enforcement due to the large number of thefts
of delivered packages from front porches of residents' homes.

   I can tell you that many no longer have parcels delivered to their homes due to close neighbors reported of thieving, burglary, trespassing, threats, property damage and other violations. 

    We believe that is a smart way to go. Have your packages delivered to your work place instead. Avoid "Porch Pirates" and other thieves whenever possible.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the animals by having packages delivered to your work where they are safe you are not creating a revenue source for these P.O.S individuals. I bet if you looked into these people's personal life you would find that stealing packages off of people's porch is not the only dishonest practice they take part in. And I bet in some sick and twisted way they somehow have justified their actions and that they are the victims. They should have their names and addresses posted so that no packages ever are delivered to their homes as a ongoing punishment for their actions. Amazon and other online retailers should ban together to black ball them!!!! LOL typical roaches