Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Calaveras Supervisors keep putting the voters off - NO SHERIFF!!

Does this dump in District 4??
Edson hopes so!
   The three Tea Potty Supervisors; "Freaky Pastor" Edson, "Gun Lunatic" Oliveira and "Ass-Phalt" Kearney still refuse to pick a Sheriff to help residents in Calaveras County.

   They have some good prospects, and at least three of them came to the Board meeting today, but the THREE wackos say they are still crying over Kuntz!

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Anonymous said...

The BOS wants to hold the choices to department personnel only, no outsiders. The gentleman, who lives in the county, that ran against Kuntz last time, wants to be considered for the position. The law does not allow an election. So why doesn't the BOS do a transparent informational straw pole of the registered voters? A lot of folks do not trust the new BOS majority to select the best candidate.