Sunday, March 20, 2016

UPDATE on 'Who are Calaveras Supervisors going to FIRE?? Not Racists!!

How many Planning Commissioners
in Calaveras are sitting on this Potty??
   At the Special Calaveras Supervisor meeting on March 17, 2016 a Closed Session took place concerning Planning Commissioner Wooster of District 4.

   As expected, the Tea Potty members
of the Board refused to dismiss Wooster from the Commission (and he doesn't have the honor to resign).

     While they did NOT release the vote, we can be assured that Edson, Oliveira and Kearney (the Tea Potty three) were the block of three protecting any racists in the County.

   In fact, in Tuesday March 22, 2016's agenda, there is a Proclamation about how wonderful Mr. Wooster really is.

  This only goes to prove that Calaveras County has NO interest in serving ALL the people, only Tea Potty types.

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