Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Calaveras Community Foundation received over $500,000 for BUTTE!!

   People everywhere in the county donated to what they tell us they sincerely believed was a fund set up and advertised by Calaveras Community Foundation to help the victims of the horrendous Butte Fire.

   Over $500,000 was donated, we're told. The CCF then began donating to the organizations Calaveras County HS agency manager Mary Sawicki recommended to them on video, intimating that it would not be WISE to give these people CASH money.

   So, CCF sub-donated to several of these organizations, who reportedly provided  food, personal items like toothpaste, spread hay on hillsides, apparently repaired the wells, put up power poles and provided sheds to these homeowners. (475 families are homeless).

   Trouble is, we hear not one red cent went directly to the desperate victims; but most of the money went to PAY a person to run the charities. Then, of course, CCF kept their percentage.  We've heard from a lot of unhappy donors!!

   Now, they send a press release, that after they've donated all this money to the VICTIMS, they are going to assist with building 5 new homes. This will go to the organization we hear the most complaints about, Calaveras Recovers! 

   The donors would like to know exactly how much of their donations went to pay employees and service the money, and how much actually went to individual victims, who are so desperate still?

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