Thursday, July 28, 2016

What country was I in last week?

   Last week, while watching the Republican National Convention, I felt distraught, fearful and felt like someone was trying to fill our hearts with hate and racism. I felt like I was in a foreign dictatorship country!

  Every speaker yelled and ranted like a crazy person!   In fact I left to go watch the bears in Alaska to escape for awhile!! American couldn't last long with that diatribe of bullying and hate-filled brainwashing.

   This week, I feel like we are back in America! Both the Bernie supporters and the Hillary supporters competed for attention.  I even saw anti-war protesters, like in the old days of the Vietnam War.

   Some were happy and some were not so happy about the candidates, but I heard no hate speech; no racial epithets; no pro-war and violence rants, and no fear-mongering.

   All I can say is THANK YOU, Democrats, for bringing me back to the America I grew up in and love.  Now will you come and fix Calaveras County, and save us from the hate-filled, racist and radical Tea Potty extremists here?

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