Saturday, July 23, 2016

Senator Tim Kaine officially introduced as VP

   Many of us were very concerned about Hillary Clinton picking Tim Kaine as her VP, a little known Governor and Senator from Virginia.

   Kaine is in Florida with Clinton
and just delivered a total winner of a speech, in both English and fluent Spanish, telling about his life and goals. 

   And Clinton didn't interrupt him once.  He told the them that after the election, the country would be able to say to Trump, "You're FIRED!!" It was one terrific speech and he says that he is boring????

   Now we know why she picked Tim Kaine!!

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Anonymous said...

He's a good choice and allows Hillary to claim the center. Trump has gone off the right-wing deep end and is preaching darkness and hate. I don't think that will work even with the hard core of the Grievance Party (previously GOP).