Saturday, July 30, 2016

Calaveras Supervisor Wacko Cliff Edson calls another Special Meeting

Bully Edson first has to
pray for his racist
favorite pastor Franklin
Graham, the one he
got involved in
the Butte Fire
   Supervisor Cliff Edson failed to vote to approve a $9 million contract to any company at last weeks Calaveras Board meeting. We wrote how bad his judgment was and is!!!

  Now, because he knows he is in trouble in his re-election attempt,
he is demanding a Special Meeting, just to legally re-issue a new RFP.

   Two local companies had bid on the job, which is removing trees in the county right-of ways, but we are not allowed to choose by location of the company bidding.

   Wacko Edson spends most of his time trying to FIX his screw-ups, and is willing to do anything to try and get another 4 years of bullying, incompetence and failures!!!

   On Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 10 AM the meeting will be held specifically for the purpose of re-issuing the RFP for tree removal, but now all four companies know the details of price, etc. of the other bidders.

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