Thursday, July 28, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Sheriff election

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   I had thought it might be too early but I have seen your articles about the 2018 Calaveras Sheriff election coming up, so I'm writing to voice my concern. Will you publish it?

   A lot of people showed up to ask the new Sheriff Debasio questions about our protection in Mountain Ranch.

   Now, everyone knows that there are less than half the number of people there now since the fire, but he says he can't possibly protect us without millions of more dollars and many more deputies.

   I'm really worried about his ability to handle the job now. He seems obsessed by the pot growers and some residents are too, mostly unnecessarily so.

   So what would he do if there was a real catastrophe. Instead of acting like he's still the deputy association union leader, he needs to become a sheriff, I think anyhow.

    M  in Mountain Ranch area


Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one worried, and i'm in Arnold. blame the pot people, that's the ticket, mr. sheriff!

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO for the so called sheriff. Just another stoned cop behind a blue uniform

Anonymous said...

Turn coat cop

Anonymous said...

appointed drone