Friday, July 15, 2016

In the light of DAY in Calaveras County, TERROR???

  As most of our readers know, the Sierra Sentinel, its owners specifically and anyone who opposes shooting at Candyrock Quarry in Ebbetts Pass have been threatened with death and sexual attacks, using direct names.

   Since this has all been forwarded to the Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, we all have to be vigilant, since Candyrock is the exact type of place a terrorist could practice for an attack without any supervision, law enforcement present or any fear of getting caught.

   If the Sheriff has traced the threats then he knows who the dangerous people are, and we hope they get arrested before they follow through on their threats.

   They will have to do as they threaten and kill us to stop us from writing the truth about the low life scum.  No, we are not any safer in Calaveras County than in any other place because these criminals may still be running around loose. Stay on your guard at all times.

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Anonymous said...

PEople are afraid of these gun maniacs.Any of them could become violent outside of the gun range. I know some of them. like craxy