Friday, July 15, 2016

Per CalFire: Four fires caused by negligent cannabis growers

   According to a press release just issued by CalFire four recent fires were traced to negligence in marijuana farming operations.

   The Mountain Ranch Fire was caused by illegal debris burning and the owner was cited.

   The Ranch Fire was caused by a generator in dry grass. The cost was $23,733.

    The Appaloosa Fire burned 310 acres and was caused by electrical wiring to a water supply. The cost was $1,304,407 and two firefighters were injured.

   The Shetland Fire was also an electrical fire from a breaker box, costing CalFire $71, 320.


Nazi boy said...

This should be enough to shut down the growers! Ban it in Calaveras County like the rest of the California Counties have!

Anonymous said...

...yeah and Tom Tryon caused two fires in one year after clearing brush. They sould ban rancing now.

Anonymous said...

And people burning pine needles, so need to ban raking pine needles in the county, right?

Anonymous said...

Well, fireworks cause all kinds of fires. They don't consider banning fireworks. If this was a press release, then calfire must be biased. In fact, calfire starts fires when control burning, so we should ban calfire???

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that the majority of fres in ep are caused by SPI clear-cutters, burning slash that gets away. They hide these from the ublic. why?? So, no more logging businesses should be allowed.