Monday, July 18, 2016

Shocking: Melania Trump thanks Michelle Obama for speech

   The audience left early during the depressing insults to black and brown people at the Republican National Convention on its first night, until Melania Trump spoke
so eloquently and personally.

  Yes, it was a wonderful speech, which Mrs. Trump had told Matt Lauer SHE wrote herself, at least until social media picked up that she had totally plagiarized the people she and her husband hate the most, the Obamas.

   The speech was almost word for word in many places, exactly the speech that Michelle Obama gave 8 years ago.  Thank goodness Michelle can write well.

     I guess you'd have to say maybe the black people are smarter than you are, Trumps, since you have to copy their speech. It is shocking!  Scandalous!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your delusion, but Ms. Obama did not write the speech as did her speech writers. Most if not all politicians employ speech writers and you might want to correct that in your post.

Anonymous said...

Hey delusion, Mrs. Trump BRAGGED to Matt Lauer that SHE wrote her speech herself, so was she lying then, or now?