Thursday, November 1, 2018

BUZZ SAW in Calaveras District 3: Candidate in BIG trouble

   In spite of all the ranting, the raving and the lying done by the District 3 candidate Oliveira during this election cycle,
the facts remain:

   He screwed up the Blagen Bridge (MOOSE-GATE) and that is no joke! Then he screwed up the Murphys Street Bridge (WHAT BRIDGE?)!

     He continually brags and blowhards about how wonderful he is and how much he loves the Trump Cult (Boy, is that true!) and sends his moron minions out to try and bash WOMEN continually!

   Oliveira has GOT to GO!  He, like Trump and his racist gun thugs, are a BLOT on this entire area. What an embarrassment he has been!

   And he keeps on saying "I NEED ANOTHER 4 YEAR???"  OMG, NO, NO, NO!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No way jose. Vote him out. No MORE LIES!!!!!!!!