Sunday, November 25, 2018

OP-ED: The Truth about Pat and Karen Strohmeyer #2 of 56

   Since the serious allegations, loss of the CHP badge, and other abuses began before I returned to my grandmothers home in October of 1996,
we plan to publish first ONE of the hundreds of newspaper articles that began appearing about CHP officer Patrick Strohmeyer in 1994.

   What this will show is the allegations the CHP has via a second police officer's witness statements; a female officer,  made to the police in the middle of a summer night.

   Karen Strohmeyer (whom we have recently taken to court) specifically asks us to write the truth about them and so we will tell you what it is like to live next door to anyone with what we believe is EVIL and has racist criminal intentions towards others.

   She asks us to print this after i watched her install a speaker on our side of her house and when she sees me outside she plays "DOG BARKING" at what we estimate to be 80 to 100 decibels.

   This is her new HONKING abuse, in our opinion! We will NEVER stop writing the truth about racists, dirty cops or violent mentally defective dog poisoners!

   In a court hearing before a judge, the female Strohmeyer told the judge that she blasts her car horn when she sees me outside my house, because her husband has problems and she only does it to play a song on her horn as she travels up the driveway.

   My husband and I NEVER heard any song, only violent insanity from both of these "neighbors"!!

   Strohmeyer first denied that she blasts her horn at her neighbor (who owns the because of the articles the Sierra Sentinel writes the TRUTH about her husband and his racist friends and about him being fired as a CHP.

   Then she got on the witness stand and proceeded to read an article she said was taken from the about them TO THE JUDGE!

   Her lawyer said he was more concerned about the VIOLENCE his client's husband has hinted at while on the witness stand, than about being accused of horn blasting disturbing of the Peace!  (yes, her own attorney).

   The judge, who we have learned supported Michael Oliveira for Supervisor because he had worked in the courtroom as a bailiff at one time, asked Ms. Strohmeyer if she thought she could stop blasting her horn.

   Karen Strohmeyer said "Yes" and then the judge said "If you EVER honk again, I will change my mind" about the restraining order requested.

   This was only the latest in the court battles with these two after we reported to the Sheriff of our innocent dog being poisoned, property damage, trespassing, and a District Attorney investigation (of which we will also publish Yook's report).




Anonymous said...

I'd just like to know why you waited so long? low-lif's are low-life's are lowlifes. i don't thin you know the half of how bad?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that one of prestons women?

Anonymous said...

Don't know the woman, but unfortunately was forced to work near that Pat guy at CHP. Filthy tobacco spitting, foul mouthed creep who called his wife names all the time. is she still with him?