Thursday, November 8, 2018

Governor Newsom orders state flags to half staff

Ian David Long when he was
in the Marines
  In honor of the victims in last nights shooting by a Marine veteran, of 13 dead
in Thousand Oaks, Governor Newsom has ordered state flags to be flown at half staff.

   Ian David Long was living with his mother at the time. She had reportedly been concerned about her son, but he refused to get help.

   Senator Feinstein called for more gun control this morning!


Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing you publish a picture of the shooter. You media are all the same. As long as we make instant celebrities out of shooters we’ll keep getting more shooters.

Anonymous said...

You mean as long as guns are widely available and not taken from all military returnees, we will have mass murders. As long as Trump is in office with his hate speech, we will have more mass murders.

Anonymous said...

The bigger problem than the military or Trump is that there are 20 million AR 15 owners in America!

Anonymous said...

Newsom is not Governor yet!