Thursday, November 8, 2018

Op-Ed: Do Oliveira, Muetterties and Preston plan retribution???

   In Calaveras County, hot elections are not unusual, especially in the era of the Trump Racist Cult faction here.

   We are, however, hearing dangerous rumors that Oliveira and his Klan (Muetterties, Preston, Montgomery, etc.) are planning a violent revenge, both on the Sierra Sentinel and Supervisor Callaway.

   We are especially concerned about Supervisor Callaway and believe she should be granted special protection from this danger, at least until things cool off or the worst of the worst gets locked up!


Anonymous said...

Not a bit surprised, looking at the kind of campaign people he hung out with.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of looney tunes!

Murpheees said...


Anonymous said...

That’s why they lost the election! The whole crew was rude to everyone online and insulted half the District when sticking up for Mike no matter if it was right or wrong. They constantly argued, bashed, insulted, lied, and threatened all year long!
Alice Montgomery and Lisa Muetterties lost him the election just by behaving horribly on committees, campaigns, and especially online toward many people who vote.