Saturday, November 10, 2018

PG&E lied to Calaveras Supervisors that they are Protecting us???

   On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 PG&E sent a representative to the Calaveras Supervisors meeting to brag how they are cutting down all the trees and preventing
fires in California.

   Then, Thursday morning, we heard that there was a fire that started near a PG&E line, called the Camp Fire. 9 dead, 6700 buildings, including an entire town destroyed in what is now a 90,000 acre fire. 

   PG& E LIES!!  Although they mentioned that they are aware that they need to do more underground placement, it is way too expensive!  Three times as expensive they say!  Too bad!!

    That is all they care about, the MONEY! We are NOT worth what it will cost their stockholders to bury cables. PG&E is full of SH**!!!

     Do not trust them and you do not have to allow them to destroy your property value by cutting down all your trees. Stand up for yourselves and make them bury the cables!

   The ONLY way to prevent fires; they only way they can protect us from fires is to bury their lines!! PG&E does NOT care about us at all!!!


Anonymous said...

That VP said HE is the person responsible for design and working of the turnoff idea. What a waste he is. Camp Fire proves that.

Anonymous said...

their stock is already down to 25 this week due to the lawsuits and stuff.