Friday, November 9, 2018

Ran them off; now need to keep them OUT!

Short, Racist Trolls and their
creepy women friends need
to climb back under their
bridges and rocks!
Not welcome in D3!
   For four years Ebbetts Pass (Calaveras' District 3) has been dealing with racist scum running our government, destroying our environment and bringing violent RACIST
views to our beautiful area.

   We tried many times to tell the old Supervisor that he had to get rid of the criminal extremist element in his group, some appointed to important positions, but he wouldn't listen. 

    Anyone who supports the corrupt Trump Cult Klan (especially their trolls) needs to be banned from politics in Calaveras County.

   Now we have voted them out and we need to KEEP them OUT!  Young people need to be brought
into the local politics of Calaveras.

   There is no reason or excuse that any extremist right wing group should grab control of District 3. And Supervisor Callaway needs to start grooming a young person now, to take over when she retires.

   None of us who truly love, work, play and vote in Ebbetts Pass should ever again have to deal with the crud that comes out from under their rocks.

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