Thursday, November 1, 2018

Who is Charles Elliot Dudley, Jr.?

   We have had several people ask us who Charles Elliott Dudley, Jr.?  He apparently was involved in the Butte Fire volunteer group, but lives in Jackson, Amador County.

   He is a total Republican hard core, and has a political website or page in the Jackson area.  What does he do in Calaveras County? Supports Republican candidates and websites, of course.

   If you know more, please pass it on!


Anonymous said...

he kicked me out of the group because i didn't agree with him so im now a member of another group thats better

Anonymous said...

He runs several Facebook groups aimed at Calaveras County.
1. Upper Hwy 4 Corridor Calaveras County
2. Calaveras County WTF Moments
He brags about running over many more.
Bans anyone pro Cannabis
Pushes right wing agendas
Of course, like all trolls, he has a cartoon as his profile pictute.....afraid to be recognized?

Anonymous said...

He’s a weirdo. Him and mike o are friends

Anonymous said...

Bout time someone called this guy out. he doesn't even live here!