Friday, May 10, 2019

Clyde Clapp smeared at Calaveras Supervisors meeting

   George Fry was knocking knuckles with another after the onslaught of obviously planned hits
on former Supervisor Clyde Clapp started.

   As Al Segalla was right that the display was totally unnecessary. No one was going to put Clapp on any committees after his rejection by the voters.

   Clapp had applied to be put on a couple of senior citizen committees. He was rejected.


Anonymous said...

Clapp has a pending elder abuse case still in the courts

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with putting a senior citizen on a senior citizen committee or any other committee. Mr. Clapp has not been found guilty of anything.

Why hasn't George Fry been investigated for his leaving the woman behind in another county years ago? Why wasn't George Fry arrested for pissing in public outside of the BOS chambers, not long ago?

George Fry is in need of help!

Yet the county will hire department heads and other high ranking officials with negative back ground information, you know, the former public works director and the other derelict they just hired to fill a high dollar position. Wake up folks!