Tuesday, May 7, 2019

FOX News and the BIBLE!!!! Who is the enemy of RELIGION??

That's him. Prager.  He's enough to turn you against
any religion
   This morning early on F&F, a man who wrote books about the Bible stated that the enemy
of religion is the UNIVERSITIES!

   That woke me up!  In other words, don't send your children to college because they might get educated enough to think for themselves that perhaps Christianity or whatever religion you have forced on them is not REAL, but only in your mind?!

   This guy went on and on about how the Bible is against Socialism and for Capitalism (so much for
Jesus Christ, the man who WAS the first Socialist!).

   He also railed against womens right to their own body and homosexuals of all types. OMGGGGG!!!

    Yes, all you extremist religious people better lock your children up forever or they might go to a university and learn the truth!!

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