Sunday, May 12, 2019

Letter to the Editor: It's about POWER & Control

   Dear Editor:

    I've been following all these states who are trying to get Roe V Wade overturned and it suddenly hit
me.  This isn't about saving babies or whatever the fetuses are.

   This is about POWER!  This is about keeping women down and in their place, barefoot and pregnant; to keep them from taking any power from the MEN!

   These old white men who have run our patriarchal society, including the Catholic Church, are terrified that women are coming into their own and may take over.

   That's why they smeared Clinton when she ran for President and that's the whole truth about why they want to ban abortion, and take all other women's right's away.

   The men who cause the pregnancies just walk away and will not go to prison, only the women under their new laws.

   I'm fed up with it and i encourage other women to stand up for our rights too!  They will put us down if we let them.

   Thank you for keeping me anonymous,
   A voting woman in Calaveras County

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Anonymous said...

If a woman used birth control they won't have to worry about an abortion.