Monday, July 15, 2019

Guest commentary in Santa Cruz Sentinel--Absurdity of tree removals

  by Nancy Macy

    The recent fire in Monterey County, caused by PG&E's failing infrastructure, is no

   It underscores PG&E' decades of egregious failure to provide a safe system--neither adequately maintaining nor upgrading it's weak, antiquated, repeatedly spliced bare-wire distribution system, or its decrepit transmission system.

   Both systems were directly implicated in dozens of fires, including 17 of 20 in 2017 alone, as well as the deadly 2018 Camp Fire.

   The Monterey Fire is a prime example of the absurdity of depending on TREE REMOVALS to prevent wildfire, since there were NO trees involved at all and it still burned over 2500 acres.

   The fiaso of spending millions to cut down healthy trees is fundamentally BAD climate policy, plus loss of property value.

  (You can read the entire article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 7, 2019 edition)

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