Sunday, July 28, 2019

HD: Trial recesses May 27, 1995--Shame of Calaveras

  In the May 27, 1995 issue of the Record, this article was printed about the Patrick Strohmeyer trial.

   "The trial of a former
California Highway Patrol officer charged with beating a drunken-driving suspect is in recess until June 5, 2019.

   Previous vacation plans by Ralph Cingcon, the Stockton lawyer representing  ex-officer Patrick Strohmeyer, prompted Stockton Municipal Court Judge Rolleen McIllwrath to halt the trial for more than a week after Thursday's proceedings

   Strohmeyer, 41, is accused of throttling and striking suspect Ramon Alvarez, 22,  in the back of his patrol car after he and his partner stopped Alvarez on Alpine Avenue, just east of West Lane last July 28.

  After an investigation, CHP fired Strohmeyer and the District Attorney's Office filed charges of battery by a peace officer and filing a false report, saying he performed a sobriety test on Alvarez when he actually did not".
   This is just one of the hundreds of articles written about this shameful incident, which we believe leaves a black blot on Calaveras County history, especially in law enforcement.  Strohmeyer still lives in the county.


Anonymous said...

Would anyone be interested in knowing who won and who lost everything in this disaster?

Anonymous said...

Why does CHP hire these racist nuts? Don't they do a 3 days hold pwychiatric evaluation?