Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Evil Evangelists?

   Dear Editor:

   After listening to former conservative Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, I felt the need to write you, since I figure
you will understand.

   I agree with him that the milleniels are RUNNING  from religion and like was discussed, ever since the "EVIL Evangelists" got mixed up in politics (for example Franklin Graham), I avoid churches.

   Former Rep Scarborough says that Christianity and religion in general will never fully recover from the evil and disease that has infested our country.

   I better stop there!  Getting more stressed and angry!  Thanks for listening!

   S in Copper


Anonymous said...

It has always been my belief that religion is the ROOT of all EVIL!

Anonymous said...

You are just learning this. Get a clue. i think christianity is doomed. perhaps trumpianity will dominate from now on.