Monday, July 29, 2019

Felony criminal conspiracy because of exposure

   Due to the Sierra Sentinel exposing racism, gun thugs, dirty cops and drunken PTSD postal clerks, the conspiracy to harm the property and or persons from the Sierra Sentinel, have this white trash
group become even more dangerous?

   Although authorities have been notified of the main 4 involved in this violent crime, the death threats, arson threats, vandalism, etc. nothing has been done about arresting them.

  In fact, although Sheriff Kuntz named one of the racist thugs, who also threatened President Obama, neither he nor the District Attorney had the guts to put him behind bars.

   Their crime spree continues to this day, and they believe that physical violence is the correct remedy for their being exposed in writing in the Sierra Sentinel.

   If you can't handle the public knowing what you do, then you should not have committed the act in the first place.  The blame is no one but yours!

   The defeated Supervisor (Oliveira) was personal friends with this bunch of filthy trash white pigs! That's one reason why he lost!!

   While we see police in other areas arrest and charge these creeps with felony criminal conspiracy, Sheriff DiBasilio is also personal friends with them and calls them his campaign and drinking buddies, we are told!

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