Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tree removal by CCWD?

   UPDATE on July 18, 2019:  According to Joel Metzger of CCWD, the only trees removed are within the Caltrans easement and that a detailed environmental plan
was submitted to them and approved.

    He goes on to say that they made several presentations to EPPOC about this project, and blah, blah, blah, held a meeting at Valley Christian Center and blah, blah, blah.

   We can find NO PLACE where individual property owners were consulted by either Caltrans or CCWD prior to the desecration . Was this intentional, knowing that some property owners would be upset and could delay the project?

   They only made general announcements of the new pipeline (so typical)  CCWD is saying what they did was enough. WE DISAGREE!!
    On July 8, 2019 massive tree removal began on Hwy 4 between Avery and Forest Meadows. No announcement was made
and property owners are upset.

   This is apparently for the new pipeline that CCWD is installing in that area, but no advance permission was requested, according to many angry property owners. "It's a massacre!" is what we are told.

   Where is CCWD and why is Bertha Underhill, who represents ratepayers in District 3, being silent on the issue?

   We have emailed Joel Metzger, asking him to notify Bertha Underhill of complaints. We will report when he responds.

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