Sunday, July 30, 2023

OP-ED!! Where did they come from?

     I got the anwers I was looking for to this question by watching the documentary on the American

Nazis of the '20's and '70's this past week.

    Little did I realize that these American Nazis, which compromises what used to be called the Republican Party, have been there since the Civil War.  Call me naive or stupid, I guess.

   As most people know a large number of racist American Nazis spent most of their time hiding-under rocks or bridges for fear of being exposed.

   That is, until Trump!  He told them not only that it was okay, but that they were correct!   

   We now realize that their numbers are close to half the voting public in the U.S. and that if Trump should win the 2024 election, nothing will be the same.

   American Nazi numbers also grew in the 70's, when they threatened to take over the White House.

   All we can do about this destruction of our country by their vicious hatred and so-called religious self-rightiouss is to make sure we all vote against all of them.

   We need to put these Nazis back where they belong--hiding under rocks!    This is a sad time for our democracy!


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