Thursday, October 17, 2013

Burson Homicide Update

  The Calaveras Sheriff's Office has issued another press release regarding the Burson homicide. The 20 year old woman shot on the evening of October 16, 2013, according to Sheriff's deputies, has been identified as Britney McGhee, granddaughter of the alleged shooting suspect, Charity Ford.

   The identity of the deceased 52 year old male shooting victim is still being withheld pending contact with his biological relatives.

   The decedent is the husband of the alleged suspect, charity Ford, and the step-grandfather of Ms. McGhee.

   The young child who was at the scene during the shooting was identified as Ms. McGhee's 5 month old son.

   All four persons lived in the same house on the 5700 block of Amos Lane in Burson.  The investigation into the shooting, including determination of a motive, is ongoing.  Additional information will be released at a later time and when appropriate.

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