Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CalFire warns of continued Fire Danger

   October 2, 2013 at 3 PM:  According to CalFire's press release, while the calendar may say October, 2013, CalFire firefighters are preparing for several days of extreme fire weather across many parts of California.

   The National Weather Service has issued five separate "Red Flag Warnings" and "Fire Weather Watches" due to gusty winds and low humidity spanning from Northeastern California, the Sacramento Valley, the Bay Area, parts of Kern County, as well as Southern California.

   With the heightened fire danger and increased potential for new fires, CalFire has placed additional firefighters on duty to staff extra equipment in the areas affected.

   "By this time of year conditions in many areas are at their driest of the season," sid Chief Ken Pimlott, director of CalFire.

   "When you add in strong winds, it makes this time of year a perfect recipe for wildfires. Even though it is fall, we need the public to understand that we are still n Fire Season throughout much of California and everyone must take extra precautions to avoid sparking a wildfire."

   In most areas, the rain we had last week was not enough to lower fire danger long term. Use extra caution with any outdoor fires.



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