Friday, September 26, 2014

Major League Baseball

    September 26, 2014:  As the end of the season comes near and Playoffs begin, the American League East is dominated by the Baltimore Orioles, with a 95 win to 64 losses for the season so far.

   In the American League Central the Detroit Tigers have 89 wins to 70 losses with the Royals at 87 to 72.

   In the American League West the L.A. Angels are the leaders with 98 wins and 61 losses.  The A's are 86 and 73.

   In the National League Central the St. Louis Cardinals are only 1 game up on the Pirates at 88 wins and 77 losses.

   In the National League West the Dodgers are leading the Giants by five games with 91 wins and 68 losses.

   The Washington Nationals lead the National League East with 93 wins and 65 losses.

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