Saturday, September 20, 2014

Michael Preston and Patrick Stohmeyer, Michael Oliveira and Candyrock Gun Club/ Part 3

      In 2009, Patrick Strohmeyer approached the Sierra Sentinel with what was at first a request from Michael Preston about what he considered to be HIS Candyrock Gun Club.

  Strohmeyer had just been let go by a trucking company in Stockton; he told me because of his writing an email saying negative things about his boss.

   He had asked to go to work for all of my husbands companies and be Human Resources Director. The boss was not hiring.

     He stated that the US Forest Service wanted to close Candyrock and without a reason.   Strohmeyer told me that Preston (his best friend) wants good articles written about the Candyrock shooting facility.

    When I told him my husband said he didn't want to get into guns or religion at the time, he became angry, warning me that we better write something good or he will tell Preston and Preston will be mad.  His face would kind of swell up and be all red.

   We had personally experienced Mr. Strohmeyers volatile temper many times, but it was usually directed towards his wife when we saw it. Actually, she gave as good as she got; a noisy lot of years.

    They don't seem to have any respect for women. I won't repeat those comments here. Statements were made about women who complain and Ms. Callaway. We were not aware at that time that Oliveira was in the picture with Preston and McManus.

   When I told him I had never even met this Preston guy, but had heard bad things about him, and had NO intentions of writing anything good after hearing all the horrible things that go on at Candyrock, he finally rushed out the door angrily, saying things something like "Preston gets his way" and "you'll be sorry" and various idiotic threats that I did not take seriously at the time.

   And I need to repeat "AT  THE  TIME!!"

  (to be continued--It gets worse)



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