Friday, March 27, 2015

Mentally ill Employees can kill

   After the prosecutor released information early this morning that they now have evidence that the co-pilot of the Lufthansa crashed flight may have been suffering from mental illness.

   What to do about mentally ill people in any workforce
is a difficult problem. Whether alcoholism, depression, PTSD or other mental problems such as anger issues, their fellow workers and the public can be in dire danger. 

   It seems that no employer does anything about how they affect all around them, and can even cause mass murder, as in this case. 

    Many of us are aware how they can even affect their neighborhoods, causing fear and distress everywhere they move.  The problem seems to be getting worse. Something needs to be done to protect our society from them!

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Anonymous said...

yeah i wish they would of done something about,that lunatic Van Gogh,or that bipolar michaelangelo ,or margo kitter,she is dangerous,or modigliani,or that loud mouth mozart,or beethoven or handel,or what about those control freak nut jobs like abe lincoln or bipolar ben franklin,or that socialist woody guthry...i think the mentally ill need to be protected from normal people...the fascist killed modigliani ,the experimental psychiatry killed or mamed thousands,like townes van zandt...GTH,cause that is your destination...maybe ishould agree with my own comment...that would be CRAZY