Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brown Act EmergencyTraining for Planning Commissioners after all these years?? Why??

   Everyone has always known that you need three votes to get your way, either at the Calaveras Planning Commission or the Calaveras Board of Supervisors.

   And while there was a three vote block of Wiliensky-ites, the anti-growth liberals (Plotnik, McLaughlin and Allured), nothing was ever mentioned concerning the fact that back room decisions were made; either by telephone, email or tell-a-person.

   However, as of the last Planning Commission meeting, where suddenly they are warned about checking on a third vote by County Counsel, it seems that Chair McLaughlin is apparently very worried that she could begin losing a few decisions.
    And so, County Counsel was called in for emergency Brown Act warnings, NOT to try and influence a third vote; that it might be a third vote for some growth.

   The entire General Plan should be thrown out, since prior Planning Commissioners regularly checked to see how the others felt before a vote.

     It was no secret. Even the Planning Directors are in on influencing the vote of each Commissioner (the so-called HUB)!

   We feel that if McLaughlin felt sure of her Wilensky-ite block, she would not have called in the troops. It was very clear.

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"So what difference does it make?
Their big worry is Mr. Tunno.