Friday, April 29, 2016

All Cannabis growing BANNED in Calaveras??? More Criminals???

Tea Party rats are having
a big booze party to celebrate!!
   We have just been informed that the 5 incompetents at the Calaveras Planning Commission have written their own law banning all marijuana grows in the county.

   Apparently there wasn't even a County Counsel or other legal representative present when they passed this new law.  It now goes to the Calaveras Supervisors for a 4/5 vote to approve.

     Do they have this authority??  They are allowing those who planted this year to reap their crop, but cannot replant next year or EVER???

   Everyone with any sense knows that when you ban something, it creates MORE criminal element. That's what the criminals want; make it illegal and make it more expensive. 

   These 5 were appointed by the three most reprehensible Supervisors in the history of Calaveras County, EDSON, OLIVEIRA and KEARNEY. 

    They are in favor of the opiates at the drug stores and booze, but not cannabis!!

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Anonymous said...

Not sure it is over yet... Something is very foul here. These people cant just due whatever they want to the good citizens of our county. There are many good country people who have lost all or are low income to begin with and deserve to farm their burned up land