Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marijuana "Urgency Ordinance" coming back to Calaveras Supervisors

Banning ALL grows or
just future farmers???
      The Calaveras Supervisors, at Chair Edson's suggestion, have decided to bring back the "Urgency Ordinance" to ban all marijuana cultivation in Calaveras County.

   These dolts started to discuss it and County Counsel reminded them it was NOT on the agenda today. This Board chair is such an incompetent louse, that he gets totally confused.  They will still need a FOUR our of FIVE vote to approve.


Anonymous said...

Only legit industry in C county and the big three want to ban it??? Absolutely bizarre. Humboldt County passed their ordinance and they are already reaping the rewards in revenue and they people are free to grow what they have always grown without terrorist cops arresting them

Anonymous said...

Calaveras cannabis alliance is working behind the scenes to prevent any outside citizens from purchasing and growing there own crop. They are also selling most of all crops out of state. No help to the local economy KAZ. LOSER

Anonymous said...

This Caz guy has huge grows with multiple partners out in Mountain Ranch. The picture on the cover of the Cal Enterprise was one of his grows. He was up in Humboldt but couldn't make it there. He is somehow able to discuss with County staff what the outcome will be regarding the ordinance or ban they are working on. He is making it so all involved will get rich while others who have recently purchased property will be on hold, stuck in a moratorium. They sell out of state. Oliveira knows this and constantly points at Caz during BOS.

HEY CAZ support your local Mom and Pop stores and dont sell your product out of state. Do you pay taxes? Do you know what work comp is, insurance, etc. join the real club CAZ. Are you signed up with board of equalization? Dont polute the environment. Grow organically

CCA are just a bunch of cowboys with a foothold due to lack of police force and kick backs to officials