Thursday, April 28, 2016

It was Julie McManus! Reader was right! City refuses to respond!!

How is this McManus
involved with the 'Project'??
  The Angels Camp City Council is meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2016 at the Firehouse in downtown Angels. The meeting begins at 6 PM.

   There is hardly anything on the agenda; EXCEPT for Julie McManus giving the City Council an 'informational only' update on SALES TAX REVENUE.

   After getting a call from a company calling themselves Muni
Services, representatives of the City of Angels Camp, we emailed the City Administrator, all City Council members, asking when they were hired; how much are
the taxpayers paying them, etc.

   .Indeed, as one reader believed, it is one of the McManus clan who is apparently in charge of making taxpayers pay to harass local businesses, we feel trying to get some to pay DOUBLE in sales tax to the City.

    We do not see the new ALCOHOL BAN on this agenda! But we are certain the 'Project' clan will approve of it when it is enacted.

   The McManus clan and the City must be SO PROUD of screwing the businesses in Angels Camp!!


Anonymous said...

Could you imagine looking at your McManus every morning before flushing

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother! That was soooo bad!